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PlayStation 3 Slim Shaves Off Price, Not Performance

If the original PlayStation 3 was a big glossy testament to Sony’s arrogance and excess, the new Slim offers a refreshing (if not sexy) act of contrition.

Virtually everything about this machine is scaled back. The price has dropped to $300 (from the original $600), the new textured matte finish is pleasantly understated, while a thinner waistline and lighter heft give the Slim an undeniably fetching figure. Even better: Despite its considerably smaller footprint you’re still getting the same badass hardware used to search for ripples in space-time and, you know, occasionally render a videogame or two..

$9K Liquid Cooled Gaming Rig Makes Big Splash

The ancient art of overclocking is more delicate ballet than exact science. The goal is to force your hardware to perform at much higher speeds than the manufacturer intended, while compensating for the immense amount of heat generated — heat that can cause system instability, and ultimately deep-fry your PC’s innards. Beat the heat and your overclocked PC will frag faster and live longer.

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